CURO Diagnostics - Acoustic Myography (AMG) AAVSB RACE CE Streaming Lecture Series Part One November 14th, 2023


CURO Diagnostics - "Revealing the Unseen" is a 1-Day 8.75-hours AAVSB RACE Approved CE Course on Acoustic Myography (AMG), which measures the pressure waves generated by active muscle tissue, with LIVE Large and Small Animals. The Course will include Clinical Demonstrations on how to use the revolutionary CURO Mk II Biofeedback Medical Instrument and learn how to apply the real-time data collected into a Medical Grade Diagnostic ESTiTM Score Report to assess medical issues within skeletal muscle, equine myofascial kinetic lines, suspensory and ligament symptoms and treatment. 

CURO Diagnostics Course Lecturers include: 

Dr. Adrian P. Harrison D.Phil. cantab, CURO Diagnostics Founder/Inventor of the Acoustic Myography (AMG) Biofeedback Medical Instrument known as the CURO Mk II as well as the patented, trade-marked and licensed Medical Grade Diagnostic ESTiTM Score Report.

Helle Dueholm, Founder, Inventor and CEO of FinesseBridles is the Conference Special Guest who will provide testimonial and research experience of using the CURO instrument in the development of anatomically correct equine equipment through Medical Grade Scientific Research as Published in the Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 2020, 10, 65-79 "The Effects of the Quantum and Finesse Bridles on Equine M. Brachiocephalicus and M. Splenius Function at Three Different Speeds"

Tom James, Master of Ceremonies. Mr. James, a 2-time Edward R. Murrow Award-winning Sportscaster, is a TV Play-by-Play & Studio Host for multiple college & pro sports for the ESPN family of networks, ESPN Wide World of Sports, & the ASUN Conference. His work includes College Basketball (ESPN), College Football (ESPN), Celebrity Sweat Football game (Super Bowl Weekend), Major League Lacrosse (LSN), College & International Soccer (ESPN), Pro Watercross (CBS Sports Network), Softball (ESPN), Volleyball (ESPN), Baseball (ESPN), Tennis (ESPN). Tom hosted the first-ever show in the new state-of-the-art ESPN Studio at the Disney Complex. Previously, Tom was the Main Sports Anchor (6 & 11 newscasts) for NBC affiliates (Charlottesville, VA & Fort Myers, FL) and has hosted/co-produced three (3) award-winning documentaries on college basketball’s March Madness Cinderella story the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles in Dunk City.

Additionally, Tom is a regular event emcee & is currently the Co-host of the award-winning “CEP Weekly Buzz” tv show for the Ocala Metro Chamber & Economic Partnership, the 2020 ACCE National Chamber of the Year.

Acoustic Myography (AMG) entitled “Revealing the Unseen”.

THE CURO Mk II is Revolutionary Diagnostic Biofeedback Medical Instrument for assessing whole-body skeletal muscle function. It's non-invasive, easy to use and accurate during periods of physical activity and movement. You can use it to take Measurements in real-time whilst training, monitoring rehabilitation or diagnosing lameness & muscle related injuries. Acoustic Myography (AMG) has been shown and documented to early detection and remote management of health conditions that determine overall Balance * Strength * and Performance!

Todays’ Lecture Series will be comprised of 7 separate course lesson instructions, wet labs and articles totaling 8.75 hours broken down into 2 CEs for Live Wet Labs plus 5 CEs for Articles and 1.75 CEs for the Lectures.

Lecturer Dr. Adrian Harrison - Introductory Lecture “State of the Art”

Lecturer Dr. Adrian Harrison - Introductory Lecture “General Muscle Physiology”

Lecturer Dr. Adrian Harrison - Introductory Lecture “The CURO and ESTiTM Score”

AMT-CURO - Acoustic Myography (AMG) AAVSB RACE CE Streaming Lecture Series

Research Articles to Read for your 5-CE’s

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  • AMT-CURO Acoustic Myography (AMG)
    Lecture Series Part One (1 CE)

  • AMT-CURO Acoustic Myography (AMG)
    Lecture Series Research Papers 5-CE's (one-time charge)


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